Licensed Facilitator Program

Grow Your Business Through Speaking & Workshops!

Get in front of more potential clients.
Position yourself as a knowledgeable expert.
Build additional streams of income.

Are you a new coach looking for high quality resources to grow your practice? Or perhaps a seasoned speaker who knows how to design workshops, but doesn't want to invest the time/effort designing & testing your own material--you simply want access to ready-to-go materials? The YCG Licensed Facilitator Program is here to help!


Here are just some of the benefits you receive:

  • Choose from our Ready-to-Go Workshops

    Save weeks of time designing, researching, testing, and fine-tuning your own workshops, and simply choose from our ever-expanding list of high-quality workshops specially designed to be presented to youth and/or parental audiences. Start by choosing three workshops, and add more as needed. (See a listing of some of the current workshop offering by clicking on the WORKSHOPS tab in the navigation menu above.)

  • Easily Access the Workshop Files & Resources

    Once you choose your three workshops, you will have almost immediate access to all the related files you need to run the workshops. These include: PowerPoint slideshow, speaker’s notes, handouts, a marketing flyer, and a training video. These files can be accessed here in the Youth Coach U membership site. Once your account is setup, links for your workshops will appear under the WORKSHOPS tab.

  • Online Training & Monthly Support Calls

    Unlike other companies that license materials, where you pay your money and are left to figure out everything on your own, we do our best to help support your success. To get you started, you can access online training videos that will allow you to see and hear how Youth Coach Global Founder, Rob Stringer leads the workshops when he’s presenting. You also have access to a set of speaker’s notes for each workshop–a script / guide of what you might say (before personalizing it with your own stories and examples). As well, each month you’ll have a chance to ask questions and connect with other Associate Coaches & Licensed Facilitators on a monthly Team call–held at two time to accommodate global time zones.  Can’t make it? Access the recordings in the membership site.

  • Connect & Network

    Feeling isolated or alone? Connect with other like-minded professionals from around the globe! Our Associate Coaches & Licensed Facilitators are an amazing group of individuals who are always willing to connect, share, brainstorm, cross-promote, and even co-create new materials with each other. Connect on the monthly calls, or share contact information and chat, email, etc. the rest of the month as well. You never know, your next joint venture (JV) partner may be on the Team waiting for you.

  • Ability to "While Label" Workshops

    Trying to build your own brand? Then remove our logos and add your own! Also known as “while labeling,” we allow all of our Team members to modify and personalize the workshops to best meet local need, including running these workshops as your own. (All that we ask is that the small copyright notice (©Youth Coach Global) remain on the bottom of the first slide.)

  • A Listing and Possible Referrals

    To help you gain more exposure, and to show you are a member of a global youth coaching organization, we give you a listing on the Youth Coach Global website. This helps to raise your profile, and can lead to you getting new clients. As well, we periodically refer new clients (private coaching & workshop referrals) to our Associate Coaches & Licensed Facilitaors–as you are now part of OUR professional network as well.

Applications are now being accepted!

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Licensed Facilitator Program
$99monthly investment ($can)

    Become a YCG Licensed Facilitator and add workshops and training to your professional toolbox.

    Additional Workshops for only
    $450annually per workshop

      To license additional workshops, email [Offer only open to existing Licensed Facilitators.]